Welcome to Life After Grad

It’s been roughly 8 weeks since I graduated college and I still feel like a student since I’ve been working on campus for the past month.

As of now, life after graduation has been both fun and stressful. It’s nice to not have to deal with classes and tests and still have the freedom of not being tied down by a full-time job. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to be truly independent and support myself financially but at the same time I just want to relax all day. But if that’s the case, why did I spend 3.5 years at ASU? Sure it’s nice to have a degree but shouldn’t I want to do something with my degree?

In just two weeks I’m moving to Dallas to start a three-month internship with the Dallas Morning News. I’m excited to see a new city and experience new things but at the same time I would be happy just staying at home and working for the Arizona Republic (*hint hint*). I’m also kind of scared to intern away from home again (I interned with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the summer of 2013). Being away from my parents and friends is not fun but it’s something I’ll need to get accustomed to.

The fact that I’m so scared about Dallas made me realize how scared I am for the real world. What if they hire me? I’ve moved around so much in my life that I just want to stay put for awhile. Working in a city that’s 1,000 miles away from home does not sound appealing. A lot of my classmates and other Cronkite graduates have accepted job positions in other states and I know that most likely I won’t be able to work in the Phoenix metropolitan area after I finish my internship. It’s also weird to think of life without Spring Break, Christmas Break, Summer Break etc. Working without a three-month break in between sounds brutal.

I decided to start blogging in order to detail my random thoughts and emotions during this transition period and also to track my progress. In the coming weeks and months I expect to be overcome with numerous emotions that might be difficult to process at times. I’m going to have to make difficult decisions that will have a great impact on my life and I want to look back at this and realize how far I’ve come and how far I still need to go.

Here’s to life after grad.


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