Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I can’t believe that this week marks my fourth week at The Dallas Morning News. It seems as if March flew by and April (and my birthday) is just around the corner. Time seriously waits for no one.

I’m really enjoying my internship and everyone at the office is extremely friendly, especially my mentor. So far I’ve had four stories published and I am currently working on five more! Things have been going pretty smoothly and I am adjusting to living by myself since my mom left last Saturday 😦

In my spare time I’ve been applying for jobs and learning how to navigate the city. I even left my apartment this weekend! As I’ve mentioned before, my dad has a childhood friend who lives in Fort Worth and he has a daughter who’s my age that goes to Midwestern State University. She was home for Spring Break last week and we hung out on Saturday. I had a great time and I’m proud of myself for driving to Fort Worth!

In addition to making a friend, I recently found out that I am a finalist for a Hearst Journalism Fellowship! I applied for the two-year fellowship back in January and I can’t believe I was selected as one of 14 finalists! I will be traveling to Houston in April to interview with the selection committee. If I’m selected as a fellow I will spend one year working full-time at a Hearst newspaper and another year working at a different Hearst paper. After completion of the fellowship I would “graduate” and most likely be hired by Hearst. The fellowship would give me so much experience and prepare me for a full-time position at any newspaper. Even if I’m not selected as a fellow, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I am also very thankful to all my instructors at the Cronkite School and mentors at my previous internships. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their instruction and without the support from my parents.

I leave for Houston just two days after my 22nd birthday so April is going to be an exciting month. Wish me luck! 🙂